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The path to college for homeschool students requires a little more preparation than your average road trip.

Ideally, the journey starts in junior high by taking advanced math, science and language arts. Also essential are good grades beginning in ninth grade. In junior year, it’s time to put it into high gear and pay attention to the road ahead.

Whether college is a familiar destination or completely unchartered territory for your family, here are 30 road signs that point the way to college for homeschool students.

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We all deal with feelings of anger and frustration at times. While these feelings are normal, it is important to help our children appropriately respond to these feelings.

Perhaps you never thought about working together on this issue. After all, you’re the parent and they’re the children! But, parents and kids can work as a team to come up with strategies for these situations.

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Ubiquitous digital screens are a defining feature of our era. Movies, television, desktops, laptops, pads and tablets, cell phones, readers and gaming devices … many of us spend hours a day in front of a glowing blue screen. We work, play and depend on them for socialization and relaxation. The total amount of screen time for kids each day—an average of 6.5 hours—has more than doubled in the last 20 years.

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