Did You Know?

Special needs kids get the help they need in a homeschooling environment.
Your children are safer at home with you than at a public school with strangers.
Homeschooled kids are more active in serving their communities and working in politics.
Homeschooled kids are more than 70% likely to attend college and graduate successfully.
One year of homeschooling costs 5% of what a public school spends on a single student in a year.
Homeschooling has grown almost a thousand percent since its legalization.
Homeschooling grows by 7% annually, compared to 1% annually for public schools.
Homeschooled students rank in the 87th percentile for standardized tests.
95% of students surveyed remember their homeschool experiences positively, and 82% plan to homeschool their own children.
Homeschooled students score between 50-70 points higher on most SAT test categories than public school students.
4 states offer tax credits to homeschooling families.
70% of homeschooled students are the same grade level as their public schooled counterparts, and 25% are ahead a grade.
Homeschooled students make up 4% of all school-aged children in America.
Homeschooled students who attend college are more likely to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA, and to graduate on time with a degree.
99% of homeschooled students completed reading a book in the past 6 months.
96% of homeschooled students demonstrate an understanding of government and politics, and 71% remain active in their communities.
74% of homeschooled students continue on to college.
You can teach your children at the pace they learn, rather than forcing them into cookie-cutter grades.
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