“Escaping the High School Lunchroom” Part 1


Lunchroom Shaming Techniques: Folks will not try to defeat your ideas and beliefs by argument; instead, they will make certain moves to discredit you socially and shame you so that no one will listen to you and you’ll feel bad about your beliefs.

“Escaping the High School Lunchroom” Part 12022-03-23T15:54:40-05:00

Ideas for Making Social Studies and History Come Alive


Do you struggle to make history seem exciting and engaging? Do you want your kiddos to enjoy learning about history? I have received these questions multiple times from many who have recently started homeschooling [...]

Ideas for Making Social Studies and History Come Alive2022-03-07T15:14:54-06:00

Ideas for Simple Homeschool Lunches


It’s no mean feat to manage to homeschool, especially if you’re also working from home. This is a balancing act that many people are faced with, particularly during the current circumstances. If this is [...]

Ideas for Simple Homeschool Lunches2021-11-18T11:14:29-06:00


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