Homeschool FAQs

Homeschool FAQs2021-09-30T15:18:07-05:00
Step 1: Learn the Homeschool Law2020-07-02T20:09:57-05:00

Contact your state organization to learn your homeschool laws and ask them any questions you may have—homeschool families love to help each other! 


Find Your State Org

Step 2: Choose a Curriculum2023-09-04T13:37:57-05:00

There are many different types of curriculum to fit the needs of each child. You may choose to mix and match from different curriculum providers or buy a set to cover your subjects.

Here are some free curriculum providers:

You will order most homeschool curriculum from publishers and online providers.

To get a hands-on look at curriculum, attend a homeschool convention in your state.

Please note that K-12 is public school at home, run by the governmental public school system, and is not a homeschool program.

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Step 3: Withdraw from Public School2020-07-02T20:03:55-05:00

How to withdraw a student from public school will vary by state. Find out how from your own state organization.

Step 4: Begin Homeschooling2023-09-06T12:49:15-05:00

Now all you have to do is start!

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