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HomeEducator.com is a publication of Texas Home School Coalition and the online presence of our award-winning magazine, Home Educator Quarterly. Have you subscribed? It’s free to all US residents.
We believe parents should be equipped to raise the next generation of leaders, which is why we created this website to support, encourage and inform all parents.

Since 1986, Texas Home School Coalition has been working to secure and maintain the liberties of homeschooling families through advocacy and service, as well as influencing the political processes that determine law and policy relative to homeschooling families and parental rights in Texas.

If you live in Texas, we invite you to visit our organization website and learn more about the local work of Texas Home School Coalition, including our best-in-class homeschool conventions, Called to Teach and other events like Texas State Capitol Days.

You can also get connected to other Texas homeschoolers by finding a local group. We partner with more than 300 groups!

We also offer membership that comes with many time- and money-saving perks and discounts. If you believe that parents have a God-given right to direct the care and upbringing of their children, won’t you join us in supporting homeschooling parents?

Membership is just for Texas residents, but if you appreciate the content you’ve seen on our pages and would like to partner with us in offering highly practical information as well as support to build up families, please, will you donate $10, $25 or $50 today?
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However you choose to give, you are investing in the next generation of leaders!

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