Opportunities with Home Educator

Opportunities with Home Educator

Guest Blogger Articles

HomeEducator.com welcomes guest blog posts.

How to submit your article:

Pitch us an idea on one of these categories:

  • New to Homeschooling: Styles, curriculum, schedules, teaching multiple children, teaching only one child, book reviews.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Field trips, sports, music, art, museums, educational family vacations, DIY educational projects.
  • New to Texas: Places to visit, how to find a support group, your support group, keeping contact with family.
  • Special Needs: Activities, curriculum, styles, extracurricular, support groups, events, grade specific challenges and solutions, coping and tools, ADD/ADHD, autism, Down syndrome, dyslexia.
  • Dads and Homeschooling: Activities, teaching, support, how to be involved in homeschool.
  • The Elementary, Middle, and High School Years: Curriculum, co-ops, dual credit, activities, healthy socialization.
  • Encouragement: Working with other families and groups, you can do it, failing and succeeding, organization, book reviews.
  • Academics: Math, science, reading, writing, grammar, history, foreign language, your review on an academic product.

Email your blog post idea to publications@thsc.org. Please include a brief bio and links to any website where you currently blog. We’ll respond to your query within two weeks.

“Home Educator Quarterly” Articles

Writers’ Guidelines

“Home Educator Quarterly” magazine for homeschooling families purchases freelance writing for feature articles. Please refer to our online archives to become familiar with the general format and tone of “Home Educator Quarterly.” Then query publications@thsc.org with a single paragraph describing your idea. Queries are generally answered within one month.

General Guidelines:

  • Articles should be of general interest to homeschoolers.
  • Feature article word count includes the main article of 800 to 1200 words, plus one or two sidebars ranging from 125 to 300 words. Total feature word counts range from 1100 to 1800 words.
  • Although we endeavor to retain the author’s tone and original intent, all articles are edited for length, style, clarity, and to improve quality; edits may be substantial. Prepare yourself by reading “What to do when you’re hit with heavy editing”.
  • Articles must not be promotional, but it is acceptable to mention businesses and products in the author’s brief bio and include a URL.
  • Submitting a photo with your article? Download our Photo Release Form.

THSC Payments for Articles

  • THSC is able to offer compensation for writing ranging from $40 for nonexclusive print and electronic rights to feature articles that have been published previously (or works to which the author wishes to retain the copyright) to $175 for exclusive print and electronic copyright to previously unpublished feature articles with sidebars.

Advertising Opportunities

Are you interested in connecting with the growing homeschool community? To find the right mix of advertising opportunities for your organization, click below to download our current Media Kit.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department. We look forward to working with you!

Media Kit

The Media Kit includes:

  • General information about the homeschool audience we support
  • Editorial Calendar and advertising deadlines
  • Print rate and specs sheet for our flagship magazine, “Home Educator Quarterly” (formerly “Review” magazine)
  • E-advertising rate and specs sheet for e-blasts
  • New advertising opportunities: product reviews, giveaways and web banner advertising
  • Blank insertion order
  • Advertiser testimonials

Printed Publications

“Home Educator Quarterly” (formerly “Review”) is a full-color magazine distributed free of charge to more than 64,000 homeschool and pro-homeschool households. The magazine is published in January, April, July and October. An additional 2,000 copies are distributed directly to libraries and homeschool support groups, as well as handed out at conventions, picked up at our home office and uploaded to Issuu.com.  

Overall, our magazine reaches more than 135,000 individuals.

Typically 52 pages in length, each issue centers on a unique theme that encourages and supports the homeschool audience. Advertisers do particularly well if they offer products or services that specifically benefit homeschoolers.

Note: Along with our print issue, we offer a digital flipbook edition of each magazine. Print advertisers are included in the digital edition at no additional cost. View the magazine archive online!

Electronic Publications

In addition to monthly rotating ads on the HE.com website, THSC offers three other options for e-advertising. They are published on rotating Thursdays and reach more than 26,000 double opt-in email subscribers:

  • Dedicated, single advertiser AdBlast
  • Monthly giveaway and product reviews available
  • Circular style, multiple advertiser “Thrifty Thursday”
  • Product review on org

Sample “Thrifty Thursday” eblast

The “Thrifty Thursday” eblast features three different ad sizes:

  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Small

All graphics are linked to the advertiser’s specified website.

Sample dedicated eblast

Sample product review

For more details on the complete suite of these advertising options, please download our Media Kit. We would love to help you connect with homeschool families!