Why Should Homeschoolers Study Robotics?

By Vinod Agrawal

Robotics is a technical field where you learn about robots. 

It involves engineering, technology, science, mathematics, and software programming. 

In robotics, you learn about designing, constructing, programming, and operating robots. The end product is a robot which is essentially a machine that can be programmed to do certain tasks.  Many people think that robots look and act like people, but that is not necessarily true. In reality, most robots do not look like people. 

Every robot is different. 

They are built differently,  designed to do different things, vary in shapes and sizes, and vary in level of complexity. 

Robots do only what they are designed and programmed to do – in most cases some routine tasks.

Check out Robby the Robot Drummer in action! Your homeschool students can build their own robots, like this one, with only a small amount of experience necessary.

Robotics has picked up a lot of traction, both in the professional world as well as in the classroom. There are lots of good reasons for that.

Robotics has been around for a while, but with the rapid expansion of technology in  recent years, use of robotics has accelerated at a very rapid pace. 

Use of robotics technology has expanded in all walks of life, such as the service industry, manufacturing industry, healthcare services, food industry, military, space exploration, and many home services. It is going to continue to grow at a rapid pace.

Robots are the future! Here’s why robotics for kids is so important and why your kids should get aboard the train, get involved, and learn about robotics.

  1. Robotics is fun and engaging
    In robotics, kids learn about designing, building, and programming robots. Robotics for kids is mostly about the joy of creating something new. When kids see the robot perform various functions, you will see pure joy and smiles on their faces. The hands-on activities will keep them busy and engaged for hours while they learn various STEM concepts. They will start to understand how science and technology are useful in their world and start making connections to careers they may not have considered.
  1. Robotics helps build self-confidence
    Robotics gives kids an opportunity to create something new and unforeseen relatively easily. They learn to tweak various things and make the robot do different things.

And, when they see the robot do what they thought it would do, that excitement of seeing their thoughts and imagination manifested into reality, will surely boost their self-confidence. They will want to do more of it and do even more amazing things with robotics.

  1. Robotics teaches problem-solving skills
    Problem-solving is an important skill to have. While some critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving are inherent, kids should continue to engage in activities that will challenge them to think outside of the box that helps further develop their problem-solving skills.

Robotics is one area that forces kids to think differently. They will learn quickly that there often isn’t a single correct or definitive answer. They will learn that robotics involves trial and error as they figure out various solutions. This process of trial and error helps develop the problem-solving skills.

  1. Robotics gets the creative juices flowing
    Robotics for kids is so much fun, and there are so many ways kids can get involved with robotics. They engage in hands-on activities to design, build and program the robots. They get to see the results immediately.

Once they start seeing the results, their creative juices will start flowing, and they will start thinking of many more ways to work with the robots. They will start thinking – what more can they make the robot do, how to make design changes, how to add new components and make the robot do different things etc. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Robotics forces kids to come back to physical world
    Kids of all ages are surrounded by many screen-based devices, and most parents are concerned about the amount of time their kids spend in front of screens.

Robotics helps mitigate that concern as it involves hands-on activities. These fun-filled and engaging activities force kids to automatically come back to the physical world.

  1. Robotics can be a great family activity
    Family playtime is very important for the well-being of all members of the family, especially the kids. It is important to engage in various activities where all members of the family can play and spend quality time together.

Robotics offers those fun activities to increase family playtime. As kids engage in the process of building robots, they may require some help and supervision from older siblings and parents. Other family members can work with the kids as they build and program the robots and enjoy the experience together. As a matter of fact, most parents can learn new things about robotics along with their kids.

  1. Robotics is a great choice for a future career
    Automation is taking over more and more routine tasks that were typically done by humans. As the technology continues to improve, the costs of robotics operations will continue to decrease. As a matter of fact, robots can perform many tasks more quickly, more reliably, and more efficiently.

This will force many businesses to install robots for many tasks. This growing need for robots will give rise to many really good-paying jobs in the field of robotics technology, a whole new job market. There will be more demand for people with technical skills to design, manufacture, operate, and maintain robots.

These jobs can only be performed by people who understand robots, engineering, coding, and technology. Therefore, kids learning robotics early on is a really smart investment in their future. 

Robots are here to stay! Robots truly are the future. 

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Learning robotics is not only fun, engaging, and rewarding, but working knowledge of robots will be a must-have skill in the very near future. Kids and parents should care about robotics. Parents should get their kids involved in robotics early on.


Mr. Vinod Agrawal is the founder of Robotics Workshop for Kids. He has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked in a professional setting for over two decades in various roles. He is also a former math tutor. He has a passion for math and technology – specifically robotics! 

He finds robotics absolutely fascinating. He founded APlus TutorSoft and Robotics Workshop for Kids a few years ago to cater to kids in K12. His Interactive Learning portal provides a unique learning experience to thousands of kids across the globe from the comfort of their home. His company also offers robotics kits and live instructor-led classes. Find out more at RoboticsWorkshopForKids.com.