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Ideas for Making Social Studies and History Come Alive


Do you struggle to make history seem exciting and engaging? Do you want your kiddos to enjoy learning about history? I have received these questions multiple times from many who have recently started homeschooling [...]

Ideas for Making Social Studies and History Come Alive2022-06-22T11:09:19-05:00

Ideas for Simple Homeschool Lunches


It’s no mean feat to manage to homeschool, especially if you’re also working from home. This is a balancing act that many people are faced with, particularly during the current circumstances. If this is [...]

Ideas for Simple Homeschool Lunches2021-11-18T11:14:29-06:00

Your Guide to Homeschool Laws


You don’t need to be a lawyer, paralegal, or legal scholar to understand your legal rights as a family to choose to homeschool your kids in your state of residence.

Your Guide to Homeschool Laws2022-07-11T10:41:13-05:00


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