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Hi, there!

How do you keep the homeschool spark alive once spring has come and sometimes kids start to feel antsy?

I wanted to reach out and share some thoughts on keeping that homeschool motivation thriving as we near the end of the semester.

It’s a time when the initial excitement might be fading a bit, but fear not!

There are plenty of ways to inject some creativity and enthusiasm into our homeschool days.

Test Reading Levels

Are your students struggling with their language arts or reading assignments? Now is a wonderful time to test their reading levels and see if you need to give them more of a challenge or step it down a notch.

Switch Up Electives

Are your kids sad when it’s time to leave for their lessons or electives? There are signs you can watch for to know when it’s time to keep going or to think about whether you should switch it up.

Create Momentum

Need a secret weapon to create momentum in your routine? See what Pam Barnhill has to say about that! You probably already have one of these in your home!

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Jessica Lovett

Jessica Lovett

Jessica Lovett is passionate about homeschooling her own kids, sci-fi books, quirky coffee shops, and her scruffy black dog, Bofur. In her spare time, she loves playing the piano and also singing on her church’s worship team. Her writing can be seen on ChristianAnswers.net and her novel Transplanting Hope is available wherever books are sold.

Jessica Lovett